Agustina Woodgate is a warrior for the written word. Instead of arming herself with a pen—which is obviously mightier than a sword—or a can of spray paint, she packs her arsenal with needles, thread, and clothing tags bearing snatches of poetry. Woodgate spends her time “poetry bombing” clothing in thrift stores in the greater Miami area with quotes from poets like Li Po, who famously said that “life is a huge dream, why work so hard?” This guardian of verse seems to be working pretty hard herself, however. She’s been kicked out of a few shops for furiously stitching an aphorism or two to a pair of well-worn pants.


Originally from Argentina, Woodgate now makes her home in sunny Miami. Besides haunting thrift stores, she’s also a prolific artist who creates “interactions” rather than installations. “I aim to create art that fosters exchanges between people rather than encounters between a viewer and object,” she writes on her website. “Through these exchanges, meaning is elaborated collectively, rather than in the space of individual consumption.”

Woodgate’s portfolio includes a rug made from recycled stuffed animals and bricks derived from human hair.

Her portfolio includes a rug made from recycled stuffed animals, a mosaic of produce labels on found glass, and structures built from bricks of human hair. Woodgate’s work has a brand of whimsy that’s rare in today’s art world. If you managed to snag a Woodgate-tagged piece of clothing, let us know!

+ Augustina Woodgate

[Via the Guardian]