If Big Brother has you on the defensive, you’re not alone. With radio-frequency ID, Global Positioning System, and Wi-Fi location tracking on the ascent, privacy in the digital age has become an increasingly tenuous concept. To keep your data safe from hackers, advertisers, and identity thieves, MIAmobi has designed a “SilentPocket” line of cases that uses nanosilver technology to block any electromagnetic transmissions from your smart devices, credit cards, or other RFID-embedded items—no battery removal, required. Bonus: They also liberate you from the constant barrage of unwelcome calls, status updates, and text messages without the need to power down.

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Mobile devices like your smartphone and tablet are liberating and debilitating at the same time. Besides the endless stream of information, there are also a multitude of concerns about privacy and security even when your devices are off. If that wasn’t enough, concerns about electromagnetic radiation also abound.

MIAmobi allows you to choose when you want to connect with other people or disappear from the grid.

MIAmobi, according to the California-based company, allows you to choose when you want to connect with other people or, conversely, disappear from the grid. The cases come in four styles: an ID holder, a suit pocket, and both small and large zipper bags, all available in your choice of black or brown leather or cruelty-free polyurethane.

Another upside? The nanosilver lining also has antibacterial properties, which means you can disinfect your device at the same time.

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