Designer Michiel Cornelissen’s new 3D-printed KXX” rings double as hand-held Brazilian instruments. The colorful bulbous rings are the designer’s version of caxixi instruments, a popular percussion instrument in Brazil. The rings are 3D printed with the beads right inside of them, and ready to shake right out of the printer.

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From the top, the KXX rings look like a swirl of color. Available in periwinkle, orange, green and yellow, Cornelissen’s design is like a spiral bauble. But beneath the swirl is a 3D printed “cage,” with perforations that attach to the ring band- which contain the noise-making 3D printed beads. The dual function ring and noise maker can be jingled gently or vigorously to make a ruckus.

Cornelissen started his design career using wood and marble, but tried his hand at 3D printing as the technology progressed, seeing that using the technology could make once tedious work and easy and repeatable task.

“As a designer I’m still fascinated by the geometrical possibilities of 3d-printing. Infinitely complex assemblies printed in one go, things moving inside enclosures – this is also why I wanted to make KXX, to show the ‘trick’ of putting the beads inside the cage without assembly.”

Traditional caxixi are made from natural materials, often a basket made from a dried gourd and filled with seeds. Cornelissen’s KXX rings are a modern version of the traditional instrument, fusing fashion, technology and music.

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