Susan McLeary is no ordinary floral designer. As principal of Passionflower in Anne Arbor, Mich., McLeary creates lush living jewelry from miniature succulents. Meant for short-term, occasional wear—a summer wedding, anyone?—McLeary’s statement-making necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and headpieces come affixed to brass findings, where the plants can remain for up to three weeks with gentle use. Once they start to look a little peaked, McLeary recommends transplanting the succulents into soil, where they can thrive for years to come. “Each piece is made to order, and is made with the plants that are available at the time,” she writes on her Etsy storefront, where prices start at $36 for a cocktail ring. “Each piece will have its own distinct arrangement of plants. Certainly a conversation starter!”

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