Swimwear designer Miguelina Gambaccini has teamed up with ocean-health charity, Oceana, to create a line of savvy swimsuits and accessories dedicated to preserving our waters. Miguelina X Oceana features a six-piece capsule collection that will directly benefit the charity. The line was inspired by Miguelina’s recent several month stay in Tulum, Mexico, where she witness trash being washed up on her local beach every day.

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The Dominican-born designer relocated to Tulum for a few months to work on her beach/fall ’15 collection. While wandering the Riviera Mayan beachfront each day during her breaks, she was horrified to find piles and piles of trash that would wash up with the waves, left on the beach day in and day out. The first-hand experience was the catalyst to inspire Miguelina to take action.

She contacted the world’s largest oceans charity, Oceana, with a proposal to work together on a project that would directly benefit ocean conservation. Miguelina X Oceana was then born, consisting of a collection of accessories and apparel. Ranging from $45 to $250, the collection includes jewelry, swimwear, t-shirts, bags and hats, emblazoned with a specially designed shark logo that represents the charity’s fight to protect sharks from shark finning.

Proceeds from sales of the line will help Oceana fight climate change, while also advocating for fisheries management, protecting sharks, and creating a better environment for marine life. The line, which includes handcrafted necklaces from Africa and swimwear made in Miguelina’s home of the Dominican Republic, are also sustainably and ethically created.

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