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“For me, sustainable style is all about a well-edited wardrobe consisting of classic, versatile, hard-wearing items that only become better with age,” says Mike Chino, managing editor of Inhabitat, a leading online magazine that covers green architecture, design, and innovations. (It also happens to be the parent company of Ecouterre.).

Chino notes that he’s been thrifting for a long time, although his hobby does have its downsides if you’re not a exacting editor of your purchases. “Buying vintage is a great way to find unique pieces and go light on the earth,” he says. “But dressing vintage tends to require a much larger closet than one focused around basics—you wind up with clashing eras, too many patterns, and a rainbow of items that only match one other article of clothing.”

His solution? He’s been whittling down his selections to classic designs and donating the rest. And when Chino does buy new clothes, quality garments that will age well over the years are paramount. He adds: “All in all, I try to stick to classic, versatile pieces that transcend trendiness, prize quality, and take good care of the things that I own—a shoe kit, shoe trees, and an excellent tailor are a must!”

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