Looks like Mila Kunis isn’t ready to exit the Emerald City just yet. The Oz the Great and Powerful star has landed a new deal as global brand ambassador for Gemfields, a London-based colored-gemstone producer that specializes in ethically mined emeralds. The partnership is a stroke of marketing kismet. The Ukrainian-born American actress is due to appear alongside James Franco and Michelle Williams as the young witch Theodora, rumored to be a pre-Dorothy—and pre-green skin—version of the Wicked Witch of the West.

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Photographed by renowned Italian fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, the advertising campaign features Kunis wearing one-of-a-kind ruby-and-emerald pieces by Gemfields’ designer partners including Alexandra Mor, Amrapali, and Dominic Jones, as well as Russian luxury brand Fabergé, which was acquired by Gemfields earlier this year.

Kunis recently toured Gemfields’ Zambian mine, which produces approximately 20 percent of the world’s emeralds.

Kunis recently toured Gemfields’ Zambian mine, Kagem, which produces approximately 20 percent of the world’s emeralds. She also visited a number of Gemfields-backed community projects, including schools and a farming cooperative. “I truly believe in Gemfields’ mission of ethical mining, and I absolutely have fallen in love with the rarity, beauty, and history of emeralds,” Kunis said.

Gemfields has a few extra surprises up its sleeve. In addition to a revamped website, the company is set to unveil a collaboration with 37 international designers for an exclusive collection of colored gemstone jewelry on March 14 in London.

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