Millican’s rucksacks, field bags, and travel accessories may resemble something you’d find in a musty antiques shop or among the cobwebs of your eccentric grandfather’s attic, but the nascent British label is exquisitely contemporary. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Nicky and Jorrit Jorritsma, Millican tempers its yen for expedition-style adventures (think H.M. Stanley or Lewis and Clark) with modern functionality. The result: A range of time-honored utility silhouettes clad in sustainable fabrics, including weatherproofed organic cotton, recycled polyester, Lakeland wool, and vegetable-tanned leather.

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Based in the Lake District, Millican is named for Millican Dalton (1867-1947), a self-styled “professor of adventure” who gave up a career as a London insurance clerk for life in a Borrowdale cave. “Millican blazed the trail for simplicity, sustainability, and self-sufficiency long before our times,” say the Jorritsmas. “We love the quirky spin he brought to everything he touched.”

Millican is named for Millican Dalton, an eccentric adventurer who lived in a cave in the Lake District.

Millican’s wares pay similar tribute to legends past and in the making, from William Gladstone (Harry the Gladstone Bag) to local artist Jonathan Trotman (Jonathan the Roll Wash). Who could ask for better traveling companions when wanderlust strikes?

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