Summer swelter have your feet in funk? Ministry of Supply is launching a line of men’s dress socks that are engineered to eliminate sweat and odor while providing all-day comfort at key pressure points. Derived from coffee-infused recycled-polyester fibers, the “Atlas” acts like a “Brita filter for your feet, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-based startup, which launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its development.


“Odor molecules which are largely made of carbon are strongly attracted to the carbonized coffee,” the company explains. “Atlas has a unique structure (kind of like a sponge with lots of surface area), which allows the particles to absorb a lot of odor. It’s the same concept used in your Brita filter to absorb impurities [and give] you clean, fresh water.” The odor, it adds, is released during laundering, returning the sock to its “full capacity.”

Ministry of Supply is working with a textile mill to incorporate robotic knitting—”think 3D-printing precision and customization, but for knitwear instead of custom action figures”—to bring its designs to life.

Don’t worry about your twinkle toes smelling like java, however. “Atlas uses carbonized coffee which has been reclaimed from coffee roasters and shops, and is processed through a pharmaceutical process to remove the coffee oils (so it won’t smell like coffee!) and is then infused into our recycled polyester yarns,” the company says.

+ Atlas Socks at Kickstarter

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