For the esteemed pioneers of the Bauhaus movement of art and design, form followed function. Caitlin Mociun, designer and visionary of the namesake label Mociun (pronounced “motion”), takes the Bauhaus philosophy of utilitarian design and puts a new, colorful twist on it with her vibrant clothing. According to Mociun, there is no better artist canvas than the one that is worn on the body.

Mociun Fall/Winter 2009 Collection, Mociun, Caitlin Mociun, sustainable fashion, eco-fashion, fall/winter 2009


A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, the Brooklyn-based textile-artist-turned-clothing-designer finds inspiration for Mociun’s striking prints in various avenues of her past and present, blended with influences from Bauhaus and other modernist movements. 

Mociun’s striking prints are influenced by Bauhaus and other modernist movements.

True to form, Mociun keeps her silhouettes simple and functional, letting the prints speak for themselves. And wherever possible, they speak for the environment, as well—Mociun prints her wearable works of art on eco-friendly fabrics, including organic cotton and mill-end blanket wool. A beautiful vision for a better functioning future? Now that’s a form we can certainly follow.

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