Our editor emeritus, Abigail Doan, waxes about her stint on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week, despite being “considerably older than your average runway nymph.” Should age matter on the catwalk? (Ecco*Eco)

With Vancouver Eco-Fashion Week nearly upon us, Torontonians are asking where their sustainable fashion event is—and where the green clothing stores have disappeared to, for that matter. (Now Toronto)

We’ve come to—sadly—expect fur on the runway for the Fall/Winter collections, but Spring/Summer? And since when were python ribs and animals tusks “ethical”? The world is topsy-turvy. (Change)

The Outdoor Industry Association’s Eco Working Group’s widely anticipated Eco Index is now in beta, and it’s garnering attention from beyond the activewear sector. (WWD)

Both Levi Strauss and H&M have disavowed the practice of sandblasting denim to give it its weathered, lived-in look. Inhalation of the silica powder used can cause a fatal lung condition in textile workers. (TreeHugger)