Our thirst for instant gratification knows no bounds窶覇ven our doctors are on speed dial, thanks to online “diagnostic” chat rooms. But remote consults don’t provide the visual or physical cues the physician needs. Modwells, a system of wearable sensors that collect and assess biometric data, moves past this problem. Designed by Jennifer Darmour of Electricfoxy, Modwells not only gives your doctor real-time feedback, but it also allows you to monitor your own health, manage goals, and alleviate ailments such as chronic back pain. Modwells delivers a personalized healthcare “experience,” according to Darmour, by adapting to your needs and helping you lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Modwells is composed of “mods,” a series of sensors that collect and transmit data to a cradle-like “trestle” that processes the data, presents it in a comprehensible format, and recharges the mods wirelessly. Accessories, such as specialized garments, extend the capabilities of the mods by placing them in specific locations. All the data is stored in a cross-platform app nicknamed the “cloud,” allowing you or a healthcare professional to access it on a phone, tablet, or PC, no matter where you are.

So far, the system has been tested to track posture with the goal of improving alignment and reducing chronic back pain.

So far, Darmour has used her system to track posture, with the goal of improving alignment and reducing chronic back pain. In a case study, the subject wore a specialized sensor garment that monitored her body position. When she deviated from her goal alignment, the system sent an alert via iPhone or iPad to correct her posture. This same system can be used for any number of ailments or health issues, and the parameters can be specified with the help of your healthcare professional.

The potential for Modwells has no bounds: These advanced sensors could someday help track and manage issues such as weight, hydration, diabetes, nutrition, immunity, and recovery from trauma.

We have three words for Darmour: Hop to it.

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