A new folding helmet called the “Morpher” makes it safer and easier to ride your bike by letting you stow it in your bag while not using it. We all know that riding bikes is awesome and wearing a helmet is even better, but carrying your helmet around with you all day – well, that’s a pain in the but. Developed by an inventor in London, the Morpher is made from the same materials as your dome-shaped helmet and designed to be just as safe, but folds up to a thickness 1.4 inches. With a slim design that lets you slip it alongside your laptop, now there’s no excuse to not wear a helmet.

Jeff Woolf was hit by a car while ridding his bike in London. Luckily he was wearing a helmet, because it saved his life. Woolf though is continually amazed that most people won’t wear a helmet even though they know they should. In fact, 92% of cyclists don’t wear a helmet with 84% of them knowing they should. The reason most people don’t protect their noggin is because helmets are annoying and inconvenient to carry around. Woolf’s solution then was the Morpher, which folds up flat to carry in a bag and for easy storage later on.

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The Morpher is made from hard plastic and foam just like in traditional helmets. Inside, a flexible layer holds the foam sections together while allowing them to fold and magnets hold the sides together when folded flat. Woolf and his company have recently passed European-grade safety tests at a factory with the latest prototype and they expect to meet U.S. standards as soon as summer 2014. Morpher also hopes to make folding helmets for more than just cyclists, but also skiers, boarders, hockey players and much more.

A folding helmet could also be a big benefit to bike share programs around the world. Currently most bike share programs don’t rent out helmets because its difficult to story the helmets, but folding helmets could be stacked flat and riders would be more likely to take one with them.

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[Via Popular Science]