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Like all of Mosevic’s wares, every one of the new pieces is hand-made in the company’s workshop in Cornwall, England. Layers of denim are infused with a “carefully selected” resin for stability and robustness. “Yes, it really is denim all the way through,” Spencer said.

Mosevic isn’t precious about the denim it reclaims, which makes for a motley array of fabrics with diverse hues and gradients. “Every single pair is unique,” Spencer said. “Expect flashes of color and an explosion of texture!”

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The first batch from “Worn” comprises six silhouettes, from the cat’s-eye-shaped “Halley” to the classic-square “Burnell.”

It’s worth noting, however, that practically bespoke doesn’t come cheap. Prices start at £139 for a single pair, or about $204 in American greenbacks.

Still cheaper than Hamilton tickets, though.

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