Digital tattoos will soon be de rigueur to improve our calls, WiFi signals and now to unlock our phones. Silicon Valley firm, Vivalnk has partnered with Motorola to offer up temporary tattoos that enable you to unlock your phone with a simple tap. The stick on Digital Tattoo offers a unique signature synced with your phone so you no longer have to fumble with your unlock code. But don’t get too excited about this new wave of temporary body adornment – the Vivalnk Digital Tattoos only work with Moto X phones as of now.

Fumbling with your phone, tapping in your unlock code or swiping your unlock pattern take time. Plus, a stranger could easily learn your code by just standing close and watching you use the phone. What you need is a unique digital signature that makes unlocking your phone easier and safer all at the same time. At least that’s the concept behind Vivalnk’s new Digital Tattoo. These circular temporary tattoos stick on your skin and can be used with your Moto X phone to unlock it with a simple tap.

Vivalnk is selling these tattoos in a pack of 10 for just $10 total. The tattoos are expected to last about 5 days with normal use and are non-allergenic with medical grade 3M adhesives. Suggested placement is on your wrist for easy access and the tattoo syncs up with your phone using an ultra-thin NFC circuit designed in a spiraling vortex.

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In theory, it all sounds well and good – easy to use, unique and safe, but we can definitely imagine a number of improvements. First, don’t even bother buying unless you have the Moto X. Second, with only 5 days of wear, you’ll be rolling through packs of temporary tattoos pretty frequently. And lastly, how about some more personalization with the design of the tattoo. Design your own perhaps, more colors, more patterns? We’ll let it slide though as this is really the first iteration of digital tattoos to be commercially available. Let us know if they work!

+ Digital Tattoos $9.99 at Vivalnk/

+ Moto X by Motorola