Give your little one a bit of home to take with them wherever they go with one of these cool teddy bears made from Dad’s old dress shirts. Mrs. Jermyn came up with the idea after looking for ways to repurpose her husband’s worn and shrunken shirts. “Knowing how much work goes into all that detail of making these shirts, I couldn’t let them go to waste,” she tells Ecouterre. Since Mr. Jermyn is a musician who’s frequently on tour, the missus decided she needed a cuddle buddy. She soon got to sewing, transforming the unwanted garments into huggable teddies anyone can enjoy. When her husband’s stash ran out, Mrs. Jermyn turned to vintage and secondhand shirts from thrift stores.

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By turning castoff garments into lovable toys, Mrs. Jermyn isn’t just keeping materials from the landfill, but she’s also promoting responsible design and consumerism. As a designer, she recognizes the inherent value of old things. Clothes with a past, in particular, have their own stories to tell, she says. “I believe old shirts equal more experienced, loyal, and wise teddy bears that give you good advice and high-quality hugs when you need them,” Mrs. Jermyn adds.

Old shirts make more experienced teddy bears that give high-quality hugs, says Mrs. Jermyn.

The teddy bears are available in a variety of colors, and you can even get your favorite dress shirts made into your very own set of plush friends.

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