Affordable clothing doesn’t just mean price, but also durability. UK retailer, Marks & Spencer understand the value of a buck, and are turning to technology to make their school uniforms even more durable. Their Stay NewTN technology uses an enzymatic bioblasting process to keep clothes looking as fresh as the first day of school.

Kids can be rough on their clothes, especially when they have to wear the same uniform day in and day out. M&S was sympathetic to parents on a budget, and wanted to create a solution that would alleviate costs without impacting the environment. In a collaboration with Novozymes, the retail giant has developed the Stay NewTM technology, in an attempt to not only add value for their customers, but also as part of their goal to become the most sustainable retailer by 2015!

The sustainable enzymes are adding to the garments during the textile production, helping the uniforms to be stronger right from the get-go. The enzymes are added during the bleaching and dying process, ultimately saving water and reducing energy during production.

The bioblasting enzymes help the fibers strengthen from the inside out, helping to eliminate fiber ends that can stick out from the surface, causing pilling or tears. The Novonzymes are also environmentally safe, being derived from natural proteins.

With the additives of Nonozymes, the surfaces of the uniforms are more durable, resistant to tearing and wear called by use and washing. The Stay New Uniforms have already hit M&S stores, and have received rave reviews. With this technology, parents will only have to splurge on new uniforms when their kids hit an inevitable growth spurt!

+ Marks & Spencer

+ Novozymes

[Via Fiber2Fashion]