Part wardrobe-management tool, part virtual style community, My Fashion Plate is a user-driven website designed to maximize the contents of your closet and—here’s our green take—help you do more with less. Simply sign up for an account, upload photos of your clothes and accessories, and you’re all set to go. Using the Design Studio tool, you’re able to mix and match pieces (tops, bottoms, shoes) to build different ensembles.

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If you need a helping hand teasing the fashion do’s from the don’ts, the social networking facet of My Fashion Plate comes to the rescue: Not only can your friends help you pull together a bunch of looks, but you can also ask the My Fashion Plate community to choose or rate outfits. Plus, a personal stylist can show you what works best for your body type, which means you can stop flinging dollars around indiscriminately and start making better-informed choices. Hey, it’s a fashion jungle out there—we need all the help we can get.

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