Finish company Myontec’s MBody Coach tech shorts promise to ramp up your athletic performance with real time monitoring and coaching. While the everyday exerciser can get away with an activity tracker to monitor their health, professional athletes wanting to stay competitive need something more high tech. The MBody Coach was designed for athletes who want to monitor their stats in real time, hear coaching tips, strategize on the go, and then replay their efforts after their workout all to boost their performance.

Myontec is already known for their MBody Pro designed for professional athletes to monitor practically every analytic related to their sports. Now the company has debuted the MBody Coach on a Kickstarter campaign, which is designed for the everyday sports enthusiast looking to boost performance. The compression shorts feature integrated textile sensors that monitor 4 major muscle groups. The shorts are made of UV-resistant elastic fabric, are machine washable, offer compression for muscle support to prevent fatigue and feature flat seam construction for comfort.

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Myontec Mbody monitors your muscle load, balance and ratio, heart rate and cadence and reports this info to you through the MCell and then to the paired app on your phone. The app also calculates your calories burned, speed and your route and replay functions allow you to analyze your workout and improve upon it for the next session. Myontec hopes through their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to further develop the Coach aspect of the shorts to provide real-time audible feedback, advice and warnings. The shorts don’t come cheap and are running for $329 now, but hey what’s your price to win your next race?

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