Photos by North News and Pictures

A mysterious “yarn bomber” has struck Saltburn-by-the-Sea in North Yorkshire. Don’t panic, no incendiary devices were involved. Instead, the anonymous needle-armed perpetrator left behind a explosion of knitting on the railing of the seaside town’s historic pier. The 50-yard scarf has captivated locals with its intricate, three-dimensional portrayal of Olympic events, complete with tiny athletes competing in everything from weight-lifting to synchronized swimming.

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You’d think that a knitter of such caliber would want some credit, but the identity of the yarn bomber is as mysterious as the tiny woolen figures are adorable.

The stitch-happy artist has attached similar tableaus to lampposts and buildings in the town center.

This isn’t the first time the so-called “Saltburn Yarn Bomber” has enveloped the town in yarn graffiti. In the past, the stitch-happy artist has attached similar tableaus to lampposts, railings, and buildings in the town center and outside the library. “Whoever has done this has taken a lot of trouble to do it and everybody is talking about it,” Ruth Brockbank, a retired local government officer, told North News and Pictures. “I think this is amazing—they must have been doing this for weeks. I could never do this myself,” Linda Arkless, another resident, added.

Whoever he or she is, the yarn bomber appears to be an equal-opportunity knitter. The scarf features people of every color—even blue!

[Via Daily Mail]