Dominic Coballe of N-Product wanted to do more with the shipping boxes that dropped into his office every week. Instead of consigning them to the recycling bin, the Canadian designer decided to turn them into jewelry. Together with Chrystale Ladouceur, his wife and partner, Coballe makes each laser-cut cardboard ring to order in the couple’s Ottawa workshop, home of the Deckster Re:Class series of iPod wristbands.

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Named for a Canadian singer, such as Leslie Feist, Kathleen Edwards, and Tegan and Sara, each ring consists of multiple layers of paperboard, glued together and lacquered with a polymer epoxy for water-, chemical-, and ultraviolet-resistance.

“We are big upcyclers in our everyday lives,” Coballe tells Ecouterre.

“We are big upcyclers in our everyday lives, it’s a natural progression as we develop “new” products,” Coballe tells Ecouterre. “We love that objects have a history, we just want to add a new and fun chapters in their narratives. We have a trove of refuse items that we get when we received supplies for the Deckster, we just knew that we needed to make something out of them instead of plainly recycle them.”

+ Cardboard Rings $37-$42

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