No need to strap a smart watch on your wrist to track activity when you can embed all the necessary sensors on your nails. Integrated into you body, wearable tech nail devices could easily be the future of wearable technology. Kristina Ortega and Jenny Rodenhouse, two MFA student at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California came up with the concept of attaching sensors and devices to their nails as a way to explore new options in wearable technology. As they see it, nail salons of the future will be capable of outfitting you with customized devices on your nails whether you want to track your activity or health, modify behavior or just trip out dancing with LEDs on your fingers.

Ortega and Rodenhouse were exploring ideas for wearable technology when they thought about attaching sensors to their nails. As the concept percolated, they journeyed to a nail salon to get a better sense of how this could be done. After seeing nail technicians working with clients, the ladies had an epiphany that wearable tech nail art was more than just about the sensors, but a whole industry devoted to customized tech solutions for clients.

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Nail technicians would work to embed tailored sensors and devices on to your nails to match your needs. Want to track your activity or your health, then the techs would install movement bio senors onto your nails. To stop a bad habit, they would install sensors and vibration motors that discourage you from doing the activity, like to help you stop smoking. Or a client may just want to have LED lights on their fingers that blink when they type, tap or dance.

As of now though, the sensors and the technology are still a bit bulky and cumbersome to be practical, but the concept is still very intriguing. Shrink their sensors, add wireless charging and data transmission to a mobile app and you’ve got yourself the wearable technology of the future. Nail salons will radically change to accommodate this new wave of technology and nail technicians will be more like car mechanics than beauty consultants.

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