Social enterprise meets delicate lingerie with Naja, an underwear brand who train and employ Colombian women to sew under their non-profit Underwear for Hope. These women then receive a share of the proceeds. Naja was founded by Catalina Girald following a long and inspiring trip to some of Colombia’s remote regions. She decided to set up a luxury brand that is fair to both the women trained within the program – celebrating their artistry – and to those who wear it; they use beautiful fabrics to create well-made underwear that will not break the bank.

Naja partnered with the Golondrinas Foundation to create the non-profit, with the aim of empowering women through lingerie. The brand trains single and head of the household mothers to sew in their entrepreneurial sewing scheme and then employs them so that they can help themselves and their children. These are the women who hand make the lingerie bags the items come in. A percentage of every bra purchase goes directly toward supporting this program.

The Naja collection includes a range of panties and bras that are made using hand-harvested Peruvian Pima cotton, and nylon lace, which is kind to the skin. They even incorporate memory foam into the bras and ultrasonic sealed bra straps. Each of these expertly made items are available in different prints and styles that are entirely original and stylish.

The brand’s objective was to keep costs low, as women should not have to pay above and beyond for quality underwear. This means that their beautiful panties are between USD 10-20 and their sleek bras average at $50.

“It started with a belief that lingerie should be about the woman who wears it…and that it should make her feel good about herself,” Girald explains.

She adds: “When you educate a woman, everything changes.”

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