ThirdLove, a technology-based fashion brand, has recently released the beta version of their new mobile app that allows consumers to use pictures taken with an iPhone to buy bras and panties manufactured to fit their bodies perfectly. This personalized mobile shopping experience is made possible by a patented computer vision technology developed by a team of PhD’s led by a NASA research scientist. In addition to ThirdLove’s numerous patents for their computer vision technology and data sizing mechanisms, they have also spent the past several years designing their own products and maintaining a complex supply chain and manufacturing base, giving them the ability to dramatically cut the costs of production, and in turn improve the quality and design of their products.

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The app is simple to use and features a voice tutorial that politely guides users through the picture taking process for capturing the correct images of their body. It then takes information from the two-dimensional photos to render the three-dimensional data needed to calculate the users precise measurements. After the calculations are complete, users are shown a selection of ThirdLove bras and panties specific to their size and body type. In-house designers use data collected from consumers to continually refine the “TL fit,” and the company now offers more than twice the number of bra sizes than traditional brands.

MeCommerce Inc., the creators the ThirdLove brand, closed a $5.6 million funding round in December of 2012, and plan to launch other brands in the future.

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