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“Fashion is emotional at its core,” says the designer. Dubbed the “Conscientious Fashionista,” Allen took on the title with voracious enthusiasm when creating her collection by spending several months in factories learning about apparel manufacturing and sustainable processes. When it comes to manufacturing, Allen employs the help of robots. Yes, you read that right, robots. The robots are programmed by skilled technicians and are programmed to save a significant amount of waste, energy and fuel through their efficient cutting and manufacturing processes. “The robots make it possible for me to manufacture high quality clothing close to home”, says the designer. In fact, Natalia Allen is manufactured in the United States in a factory that looks more like laboratory than an atelier.

When asked about her greatest source of inspiration, Allen proclaims that her customer is the real hero. “They are smart. They are comfortable in their own skin. They are professional and driven.” Allen designs for quality and longevity because her clientele value these elements in fashion. Inspired yet?

+ Natalia Allen