Natalie Portman’s fiance, Benjamin Millepied, commissioned an engagement ring that dovetails with her conscious lifestyle: the round diamond stone is antique, the pave diamonds surrounding it are certified-conflict-free, and the platinum is recycled metal. (InStyle)

Can feathers and down be eco-friendly? Warren McLaren of TreeHugger dives in the cushiony issue. (TreeHugger)

Discover how Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard found himself at the helm of the “coolest company on the planet,” an appellation awarded by Fortune in 2007. (Opportunity Green

Kate Sheppard from Mother Jones wants to know if imitation leather is truly greener than the genuine article. (Mother Jones)

Ultra-floral fashion label Laura Ashley is collaborating with People Tree on a fair-trade, organic clothing collection—and according to the ladies at Fashionta, it’s actually cute. (Fashionsta)

Woolgrowers across Australia are urged to donate fiber samples to be turned into merino cloth for Prince William to wear on his wedding day. Quite apropos, considering that his pop has been campaigning for wool. (Fibre2Fashion)

The Uniform Project’s Sheena Matheiken spoke at TEDxDubai on the evolution of her project and emerging models of social enterprise. (TEDxDubai)


“When things cost very little, you need to ask yourself how and where they were made.”
—Designer Miuccia Prada, speaking to WWD about fast fashion