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It is the rare designer who admits she doesn’t know what will happen to her work after its completion. But this relinquishment of control is precisely what U.K. jeweler Natalie Smith intends. Smith’s sugar-encrusted baubles are designed to allow you to explore themes of growth, transformation, and disintegration. “My pieces are not mass-produced, they are one of a kind,” she tells Ecouterre. “It is a unique experience wearing one of my pieces.”

Each sugar-encrusted bauble begins a transient life dictated by the environment in which it is worn.

Fast making a name for herself, Smith received a special mention in the Preziosa Young Contemporary Jeweler Exhibition in 2010. She’s also showcasing her designs at a number of European jewelry trade shows this year and is scheduled to appear in the North American publication Fresh: Metalsmith in Print 2011. Looks like Smith is in for a very sweet year ahead.

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