In January 2014, Nau was among the companies that rallied around the “Responsible Down Standard,” a chain-of-custody process established by The North Face and Textile Exchange to help businesses source down from ducks and geese that haven’t been forced-fed (a common practice in foie-gras production) or live-plucked for their feathers.

That October, Patagonia established its own “Traceable Down Standard,” which it claims provides the “highest assurance of animal welfare in the apparel industry.”

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Still, by extending the life of an oft-controversial material, Nau appears to have arrived at a happy medium, one takes advantage of the fiber’s benefits while minimizing the need for virgin resources.

This isn’t some one-off novelty collection, either. Moving forward, all of Nau’s 650-fill jackets will use recycled down, according to Mark Galbraith, general manager at Nau.

“Recycled down is a major breakthrough that has really strong implications for sustainability,” he adds.

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