The chameleon reacts to its environment by changing the color of its skin to blend in and likewise, Neffa’s mood scarf reacts to light and temperature to change its appearance. The Chameleon Mood Scarf is made of silk printed with both thermochromic, photoluminescent, and photochromic ink for a variety of looks and moods. At lower temperatures, the scarf is white and dark striped, outside in the sun it is orange and white. Then low light, a green pattern emerges and then at night, the scarf glows greenish blue for more visibility.

Neffa is a innovative fashion company under the helm of Aniela Hoitink specializing in high tech fabrics. The Chameleon Mood Scarf is the latest of their undertakings and takes inspiration from the incredible color changing lizard who adapts to its environment. The chameleon changes its colors to regulate body temperature and for socializing using overlaid colors in its skin. In a similar fashion, Neffa’s scarf uses differently treated textiles to change the look of the scarf reacting to light and temperature and show moods.

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The 100% white silk scarf features thermochromic, photochromic and photoluminescent inks that react to body and environmental temps, UV rays from the sun and the presence of light. A black pattern using thermochromic ink reacts to body temperature and disappears as the body warms up, helping the wearer become less conspicuous. A light green pattern with photoluminescent inks reacts to light and then glows greenish blue at night, perfect for parties and out on the street. Finally a white print using photochromic ink reacts to UV light from the sun and glows bright orange outdoors to reflect happier moods outdoors.

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