What would your bra say if it had a Twitter account (and would you care?) Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimou’s magenta bra has a special sparkly bird clasp, that sends out a tweet every time she unhinges the bra. The @tweetingbra’s Tweets aren’t about Bakodimou’s breasts, but instead messages of breast cancer awareness for a new campaign for Nestlé Fitness.

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The Tweeting Bra is the brain child of advertising agency OgilvyOne Athens. Each time Bakodimou, who is a Greek television personality, unhooks her bra, the Tweeting Bra sends out a message to its followers, encouraging breast health awareness, such as monthly self-examinations. For two weeks, the bra and its associated website will give followers tips for self-examinations, in addition to other information that could be vital to breast cancer awareness.

Bakodimou thinks that the social media-linked undergarment, which seems like an outlandish idea, is just crazy enough to help bring breast cancer awareness to the forefront, gaining attention from women that may otherwise ignore the hot button issue and reality of breast cancer awareness.

To be fair, the Tweeting Bra is sponsored by Nestlé Fitness, which is not a breast cancer awareness campaign, but instead a fitness cereal marketed to women that could possibly be considered pinkwashing. For two weeks, the bra will Tweet breast cancer awareness tips, and subsequently draw in new cereal clientele.

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