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Of all the clothes you own, how many end up gathering dust in your closet? If you’re anything like the average woman, it’s probably about 20 percent. We can blame much of this on the impulse to shop based on short-lived trends—“fast fashion” is a trap!—rather than core but versatile pieces we are eager to restyle. But what if you could have a closet full of of-the-moment looks without the long-term commitment? Enter Rent the Runway Unlimited, a new service from the “Netflix of fashion” that is doing for everyday clothes what it did for designer dresses and accessories. Described as a “closet in the cloud,” Unlimited is the first subscription service to give women access to an endless rail of high-end clothing for a flat monthly fee.

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For $139 per month, subscribers across the country can rent up to three items of clothing and accessories, which they can swap for new items as many times they want, for as long as they want.

“With Unlimited, we are putting the closet in the cloud and allowing women to experience and cycle through thousands of designer looks for their everyday work and weekend wear,” Jennifer Hyman, CEO of Rent the Runway, said in a statement.

Like other proponents of the shared economy, such as Airbnb and Uber, Rent the Runway favors “access over ownership.”

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“Your closet no longer has to be a graveyard for questionable purchases and bad trends,” Hyman said. “Unlimited provides the variety and quality that the modern woman’s wardrobe requires, allowing her to have fun with fashion without the commitment of purchase.”

With everything from casual ready-to-wear for brunch to workwear for the office, Rent the Runway Unlimited offers a convenient and affordable way for women to pull pieces from over 350 labels, including Jason Wu, Tory Burch, Marni, and Opening Ceremony.

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To keep the selection diverse, inventories are updated once a week, in sizes ranging from 0 to 22. Subscribers also have the option to buy an item they really love at a discounted price.

There’s even an exclusive app that lets members “mix, match, and manage” their wardrobe on the go, according to Hyman. Members can search for new items by style, color, body type, or curated collections (examples: “Office Edit,” “Weekend Edit,” and “Night Out”).

“We expect that over 90 percent of the usage of Unlimited is actually going to be through mobile,” Hyman told Racked.

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