Designer Bruno Pieters and fashion journalist Kristopher Arden-Houser have teamed up to create the “From1000 Transparency Prize”. The award is inspired by Piter’s Honest By label and Arden-Houser’s work in the world of academic couture. The Prize will recognize the importance of open, public supply chains that allow buyers to trace the origins of their clothing. Pieters and Arden-Houser will work with nine Nordic fashion schools to find a winner who will receive a mentorship as well as having their product sold through specialty stores via

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Honest By was conceived by Pieters after a 2010 sabbatical from the fashion industry in Southeast Asia. Seeing how native peoples wore clothes that were sourced and produced locally, he wondered if designer products could be made with the same amount of transparency. On his return to Antwerp, he began Honest By as a company that would share the full cost breakdown of its products and offer a platform for brands to take advantage of research done into the backgrounds of organic fabrics and suppliers.

Every part of the collaboration process, from sourcing materials to markup, is meant to be available and open to the public. Striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible, Honest by features collections from designers that adhere to their ideals and offer vegan lines, eco-friendly textiles, and avoid the use of animal products. They also take into consideration the safety of working conditions in processing factories, and 20% of their profits are donated to charities chosen by the invited designers.

“I believe we are living in a moment where it is becoming clear that not just fashion design but any kind of product we create needs to be made in a progressive and sustainable way,” Pieters told British Vogue. “As a child I dreamed of fashion, as an adult I realized that I needed to wake up so the dream could continue. With this prize we would like to reward designers who are able to create collections with a story behind them which is just as beautiful as the design.”

Kristopher Arden-Houser’s From1000 is a research and development company based on the founder’s projects and collaborations. As a journalist, Arden-Houser has covered cultural happenings around the world, contributing to such publications as Italian and British Vogue, the New York Times and Ponystep. He has worked with notable designers including Helmut Lang and Charles Anastase, and has sat on a number of academic juries. Together with Bruno Pieters, he will offer the From1000 Transparency Prize. The recipient will be chosen from graduate students participating in Designers’ Nest February and August shows. The pool of applicants will be taken from nine Scandinavian schools present at the CPH Vision fashion fair in Copenhagen.

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