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A new textile developed in the UK can make your workout a little less sweaty. Called Inotek, the process amps up textiles’ ability to absorb sweat, in effect pulling it away from the body- leaving you clean and dry. Developed by MMT Textiles, Inotek can benefit athletes, gym fanatics, and those moving from hot to cold environments.

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When most fabrics are hit with moisture, then absorb it, causing the fabric to swell. The fabric then becomes damp and heavy, locking in moisture and keeping it close to the body. INOTEK does the opposite. The structure of Inotek textiles are actually inspired by nature. Using the botanical structure of pine cones as a model, the textile mimics the cones’ response to moisture, which opens and closes with higher levels.

As sweat migrates toward the fabric, the fibers in Inotek begin to close like a pine cone, keeping moisture out. To keep the fabric breathing, tiny air pockets open along the surface of the textile as moisture sets in. Contrasting to traditional fabrics like wool, an Inotek blend with wool will actually become 10 percent thinner in moisture laden conditions! Once dried out, the fibers bounce back to their original structure.

With permeability and ventilation, Inotek textile products could help athletes keep cool after a long work out, without massive sweat stains. Even more beneficial, cold weather sports enthusiasts can keep drier when passing from ski slope to warm lodge and back out into the elements again.

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