Leave it to the original candy-wrapper-bag company to reinvent what has become a popular, if not always the most flattering, meme in eco-fashion circles. Ecoist, which popularized accessories made from repurposed candy wrappers, food and drink packaging, newspapers, and subway maps, has launched a collection that recalls one of America’s favorite—and most stylish—First Ladies.

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Inspired in part by designer Oleg Cassini’s work with Jacqueline Kennedy’s White House wardrobe, the new lineup of bags and clutches by Colombian designer Nazly Villamizar features sleek, contemporary silhouettes that belie their prior landfill-bound lot.

The new bags feature sleek silhouettes that belie their prior landfill-bound lot.

The five-year-old “trashion” pioneer, which fairly makes its wares in Mexico and Peru, obtains its candy wrappers from factories that reject them because of printing defects or overruns. New styles include the Skinny, a slim, lightweight clutch, and the Barbarella, a tote that features an optical checkerboard effect.

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