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While President Obama’s kitchen garden is a great addition to the White House lawn, something is still missing that could help make the presidential home more eco-friendly and encourage others to do the same. But what is it? According to Project Laundry List a clothes line would be a welcome symbol to the country to encourage people to stop using tumble dryers. A petition has been launched to urge the First Family to set an example by installing a line to hang out their laundry. Such a simple idea could do a lot to save energy across the whole country.

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According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), six percent of residential consumption is a result of tumble dryers. But this, says Project Laundry List, does not account for the 18% of people who dry with gas, nor the huge number of people and companies who go to laundromats or shared laundry areas. Then there are the added benefits that come with outdoor natural drying, such as bleaching whites without using harsh chemicals.

Perhaps the First Family already have a clothesline running across their lawn. But why not go public about it? This would help show just one of many ways that families can save energy and money. For more information or to join the cause and sign the petition, take a look at these websites below.

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