Designers Alyce Santoro and Julio Cesar have topped their recycled mix-tape neckties—quite literally—by trying their hands at high-tech millinery. Their old-school fedoras, inspired by German artist Joseph Beuys’ trademark topper, are anything but fusty: They’re tightly woven from recorded cassette tape that becomes audible when you run a tape head across the fabric surface.

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Santoro’s Sonic Fabric comprises 50 percent audio-cassette tape (recorded with “sound collages” from her CD Between Stations) and 50 percent colored polyester. Made to order, the haute headgear is available in medium and large sizes, in your choice of dark brown or black. A head’s up: Place your order before Dec. 15 to snag a fedora for your favorite audiophile’s noggin in time for the holidays.

+ Sonic Fabric Fedora $165 at Supermarket

+ Sonic Fabric