International designers unite for zero-waste fashion exhibition at The Dowse. The creations of fashion darlings Zandra Rhodes and Yeohlee Teng, plus many other leading international designers, are coming to New Zealand for a new exhibition that is then bound for New York. “Yield: Making Fashion Without Making Waste” opens on March 26 and runs until June 26 at The Dowse Art Museum. It will showcase garments that are created with zero or minimal fabric waste. All other aspects of the exhibition process, like design and installation, will also consider the environment.

Yield is curated by Holly McQuillan, from Massey University Wellington, and Timo Rissanen, from the prestigious Parsons The New School for Design, New York (the inspiration for the television show, Project Runway) who are also designers in the show. They share a passion for reducing waste without compromising style. The exhibition’s innovative design is by Massey University School of Design lecturer, Chris Jackson.

Zandra Rhodes, Yeohlee Teng (Yeohlee), Timo Rissanen, Holly McQuillan, Jennifer Whitty, David Telfer, Julian Roberts, Caroline Priebe (Uluru), Carla Fernandez (Flora2), Tara St James, and Natalie Chanin (Alabama Chanin) are leaders in their field who have all sought intelligent means to reduce waste, sometimes creating patterns that fit together like a puzzle, or require no cutting at all.

The term zero-waste describes a way of designing clothes where there is no scrap left after the cutting out—currently, 15 percent of the fabric is wasted.

+ The Dowse Art Museum