Zegna Sport has spruced up its two-year-old Solar Jacket for fall in a major way—well, make that several major ways. Version 2.0’s outer fabric, breathable membrane, seam taping, lining, and padding are derived entirely from recycled plastic. The solar panels that were attached to the original jacket’s collar have migrated to the upper sleeves, and a heating device now occupies the inner space to keep you toasty when the mercury dips.

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As you might expect, the Ecotech’s photovoltaic cells harness power from the sun and convert it into renewable energy, which is distributed by textile leads that can be washed with the rest of the jacket. Charging the hidden battery pack to full capacity requires four to five hours of direct sunlight, but it’s enough to juice up a cellphone or iPod. (Adapters for the major mobile-communications manufacturers are included.)

Getting a full charge requires four to five hours of direct sunlight—enough to power a cell phone or iPod.

Another pair of pluses: Because the solar panels and battery are completely detachable, you can recharge a device even when you’re not wearing the jacket—or conversely, wear the Ecotech sans solar paraphernalia at night without looking silly.

+ Ecotech Solar Jacket $750 at Saks Fifth Avenue

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