We get it, sports isn’t everyone’s bag. But if the only workout your Air Maxes get is propping the front door open on Guitar Hero nights, you might consider pulling a Nick Marsh and cutting your Swooshes into a piece of the action—literally. The British illustrator hacked his trainers to operate with the Wii, a game console that gets even the most sedentary person’s arms flapping and heart pumping. “Gaming platforms have made it possible for people to get their own personal sports workout from the comfort of their living room, using hand held controllers and a balance board to participate,” Marsh says. ” So why can’t a pair of Nikes work in the same way?”

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Marsh contributed his Nike Wiis as part of Nike78, an art project by graphic designer Paul Jenkins that had a raft of artists reinterpreting the iconic athletic sneaker. The entire footwear series, which includes a pair of knitted cashmere-merino trainers, metal-coated GalvaNikes, and edible buttercream running shoes (with raspberry laces) will be on view at the London Design Festival in September.

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