Nike’s “ColorDry” technology is ready for its closeup. The waterless fabric-dyeing innovation, a collaboration between the sportswear giant and the Netherlands’s DyeCoo Textile Systems, is available to consumers for the first time as a line of vibrantly hued polo shirts. It takes 30 liters of water to dye a T-shirt using conventional means, according to Nike. ColorDry, which uses a pressurized form of carbon dioxide to saturate textile fibers with color, cuts the wet stuff from the process entirely, saving energy and eliminating the need for extra chemical agents.

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Another plus? Each ColorDry polo comprises 100 percent recycled polyester—the equivalent of 16 post-consumer plastic bottles, to be exact.

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“The ColorDry polo provides a glimpse into an advanced technology that delivers a brilliant spectrum of intense colors while eliminating the use of water and process chemicals,” says Mike Yonker, vice president of product innovation at Nike, in a press release. “We’re excited about the potential of scaling ColorDry and applying waterless dyeing technology across other materials.”

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