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Noctu, which means “by night” in Latin, was founded by a pair of sisters after a trip to India together. Milly Greenslade and Zoe Gale shared a dream: to curate a line of indoor apparel at once “effortlessly elegant and indulgently comfortable.”

After witnessing—by chance—the detrimental effects conventional cotton had on the farmers and the environment, however, the sisters decided that they would only traffic in organic cotton. Before long, they found a suitable partner in Tamil Nadu.

“We work with one of the pioneers of organic cotton farming,” Greenslade, who now runs the brand with her brother, Toby Gale, tells Ecouterre. “They have their own cotton fields, so they know everyone from the first person who planted the cotton seed, to the person sewing the garments to the person packing the boxes ready to ship.”

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All the cotton Noctu uses adheres to fair-trade regulations, which Greenslade says is important to the brand. “We know that everyone who has had a hand in making each Noctu piece has been paid a fair wage and that there is an open trade union for workers and absolutely no child labor,” Greenslade says.

What’s next for the burgeoning brand? Greenslade would like to add children’s and baby lines, as well as homewares like organic bedding, socks, and blankets.

For now, Noctu is doing its part to shift industry and consumer perspectives. “Slowly, attitudes are changing, but if we can’t get everyone to ‘consciously’ choose to buy organic then we hope that by offering simple and stylish nightwear pieces that are gorgeous and organic and fair trade, we can help in a very small way to change things for the better,” Greenslade says. “That is our wish.”

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