Photo by Andrew Neel/Unsplash

The sweatshop that produces shirts for Donald Trump’s apparel brand has been cited for a laundry list of safety violations, making it an unsafe work environment. Workers at the Elite Garment Industries factory in Bangladesh are put into danger daily with insufficient fire alarm systems, a lack of fire escape routes, faulty electricity and “highly stressed” support columns in the building’s infrastructure- coupled with low wages. The factory, which is contracted by Trump, is in serious violation of important safety mandates made after the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse.

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After the Rana Plaza tragedy, where 1,100 workers died or were trapped inside the collapsed factory, the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety was formed to prevent future incidents caused by unsafe work conditions. The accord found that Trump’s contracted Bangladeshi factory still have dozens of safety violations, despite the deadlines having been long past.

Over 2,500 workers report daily to the Elite Garment Industries factory, each put in harms way by the actual buildings that they work, with many in the factory complex bearing “stressed” support columns. Elite has addressed some of the issues found by the accord, but others remain pushed to the side, with the factory applying for extension upon extension that continually puts their employees in danger until they are attended to.

Trump’s menswear ties have also been linked to four factories in Shengzhou, China, each of which has adhered to the safety changes demanded by the accord.

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