Junky Styling, the London-based recycled clothing brand and collaborative team of Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager, offers New Yorkers the opportunity to participate in “Wardrobe Surgery” at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts from June 15 to 19. Their fashions are on display in Resurrectine, a group show of more than 65 artists, through June 26 at the Feldman Gallery.

The public is invited to bring an item of clothing to be transformed. Junky Styling breathes new life into garments that are either ill-fitting (frantic senseless buying), or a bit worn (from too much love). It takes something previously unwearable and turns into an everyday, one-of-a kind favorite.

An individual supplies an old, ill-fitting, or worn-out piece of clothing for a complete overhaul, customization, or simple alteration. The service invites customers to take part in the redesign process and to discuss what they require or desire. All shapes and sizes are invited to Wardrobe Surgery, and everyone can benefit from it. Depending on demand, the commission is either made ready for a final fitting within the week or is finished in London and posted back. Consultations for Wardrobe Surgery are free, and prices for the “surgeries” begin at $50.

Ronald Feldman Gallery
31 Mercer St.
New York, NY 10013

+ Junky Styling