We know that passwords suck. Not only are they hard to remember, but they can also be easily hacked. Your heartbeat however is completely unique and you carry it with you at all times. Using that as a basis, the Nymi is a new device that replaces your passwords with your heartbeat and opens all of your devices, unlocks your car and sets your preferences. No need to memorize passwords or apply your fingerprint; your Nymi wristband has it under control.

Fingerprints are out—heartbeats are in! At least that’s what Bionym is banking on with the release of their heartbeat based digital authentication wristband. The Nymi, which looks a bit like a Fitbit or a Jawbone Up, detects and confirms your heartbeat when you put it on. By pressing your finger to the top, it creates a complete circuit with your wrist to sense and confirm your unique cardiac rhythm. Once on, the wristband connects with all of your devices, computers, and car to unlock them, saving you the time of entering your password.

The utility of a device like this for spys, classified work or paranoid people is pretty obvious. But for the regular person wanting to use it to get around passwords or PINs, the Nymi doesn’t really sound that exciting. However, the potential to develop the Nymi further for other uses sounds way more interesting. Swipe your wristband at the coffee shop to pay for coffee, use it to unlock the door of your house or hotel room, let it change settings according to preferences. The beauty of what they’re selling isn’t the device itself, it’s the device’s ability to utilize your unique biometrics to make your life easier. The device only works for you and no one else, so there’s no fear of someone hacking your life because they stole or found your Nymi.

Now if they can just combine the Nymi with a fitness band and a smartwatch, we’ll be set.

+ Nymi $79

[Via Fast Co.Design]