“We use only three things to create our amazing, dreamlike Ohhio clouds: our own hands, 100 percent merino wool, and, most importantly, inspiration,” Marinenko wrote on her campaign page. “We didn’t create another home accessory to collect dust in the corner. There is an attraction you’ll feel to the softness and warmth of this natural material, so carefully crafted into something that wraps around your body. Just touch these big warm stitches and you won’t be able to keep from smiling.”

Ohhio began not longer after Marinenko came upon a bulky skein of merino wool. She wanted to make a blanket out of it but didn’t have any knitting needles, so she started using her hands, instead.

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Already, Marineko’s textiles have found a place in multiple photo shoots and installations. Featuring stitches measuring three inches across, and available in vibrant hues of grey, dark gray, yellow, green, blue, white, and pink, her pieces double as soft sculptures and conversation pieces.

“It is a nice surprise to know that Ohhio’s products are not only interior decoration, it also pleases our customers’ eyes every day,” Marineko said.

If you prefer to supersize your own at-home knitting, Ohhio has you covered, as well. Marinkeo sells her large-gauge wool, plus some equally ginormous wooden needles, on her Etsy store.

A bug in a rug couldn’t be snugger.

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