A maelstrom of controversy is a-brewin’ over at Italian Vogue, which uses the Gulf Oil Spill as a backdrop for an August issue spread. Provocative commentary or tasteless sensationalism? (Refinery 29)

Supermodel Naomi Campbell finds the kerfuffle over the blood diamonds she received—which she described as “kind of dirty-looking pebbles”—a huge inconvenience. (Jezebel)

Vegan shoes aren’t necessarily the best for the environment, but sustainable—and yes, vegan—labels like Neuaura and Olsenhaus are making progress, one stiletto at a time. (WWD)

They’re not the prettiest gloves around, these high-tech gauntlets enable firefighters to communicate using hand gestures—vital in high-noise or low-visibility environs. (Fashioning Technology)

JCPenney is marketing a new augmented-reality online shopping tool to entice teenage girls to browse, try on, and buy clothes. No word if you’ll be able to ask your Facebook friends if something makes you look fat. (Los Angeles Times)