If these shoes look sprayed-on to you, you’re not far off the mark. OneMoment was inspired by the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest, who painted the soles of their feet with natural latex for protection. Designed by Spain’s Figtree Factory Studios for the active lifestyle, the skintight slip-on is ergonomic, ventilated, and ultra-compact when compressed. That spring in your step isn’t your imagination, either. OneMoment is made from 100 percent biodegradable plant-based plastic, so you won’t worry about clogging up the landfill with your old shoes. Another plus? Each pair costs only €5—or $7.

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Figtree uses a low-impact polymer-injection process to create a ninja-grip-like sole just 2 millimeters thick and an upper measuring a mere 1 millimeter. (Traditional footwear put at least 3 millimeters between your foot and the ground.) And just like the latex coatings that the Amazonian natives used, your OneMoment will also return to the environment, degrading at least 80 percent of the way after six months in the ground.

After six months in the ground, these puppies should decompose at least 80 percent of the way.

And because the OneMoment is waterproof, it’s the perfect footwear for water sports such as yachting, diving, and surfing. Figtree also recommends it for occasions when you’re on your feet for hours at a time, say hospital rounds or walking tours. You can buy the unisex slipper in six colors (including lime green and lipstick red) and four sizes; every one is delivered in completely recycled—and recyclable, natch—packaging.

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