The folks over at have released an important new petition that can help save the lives of garment workers across the globe. The petition calls for major fashion brands to relinquish just one percent of their profits, and use those funds toward ending abuse in the production of the world’s leading fashions. With just one percent, the plea hopes to help each major fashion label truly achieve responsibly sourcing, creating transparency of the supply chain for popular clothing companies.

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Although many major fashion labels have responsible sourcing in place, time and time again industry leaders are found being linked to sweatshop catastrophies, fires, and unfair working conditions in one link of their supply chain or another.  By asking companies to increase their corporate responsibility, Change hopes to end fashion industry slavery, and improve the lives of garment workers in developing countries.

The petition’s plea rides on the recent heels of the tragic Bangladesh sweatshop collapse and subsequent action for the Bangladesh Safety Agreement. With the one percent plan, hopes to further the Safety Agreement, allowing funds to be available for upgrading the safety precautions in factories, an increase in audits and safety investigations and the development of better policies with trade unions. With just one percent of each companies’ profits, feels all of these objectives could easily be met, and work to end abuse and neglect in global sweatshops.

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