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Osklen has never strayed far from its roots, but a devastating fire in February 2010 resulted in a rebirth of sorts. “Fenix,” Osklen’s aptly named Fall/Winter 2011 collection, reinterprets 10 years of the line’s wardrobe staples, including T-shirts, V-neck pullovers, and tailored suits. “I believe it’s natural, after a period of experimentation, to want to go back to essentials,” Metsavaht says in a statement. “As such, we decided to revisit the classics.”

Several shoe and bag designs breathe new life into fish skins that are usually discarded by the seafood industry.

Awash in earth tones reminiscent of charred fibers, the collection offers innovative twists that lend intrigue to otherwise dressed-down silhouettes. Particularly noteworthy are several shoe and bag designs, which breathe new life into salmon, tilapia, and pirarucú skins that are discarded by the seafood industry as waste.

Hanging from each piece is Osklen’s self-titled “e-fabrics” tag, which explains the eco-friendly provenance of the product. Although not an official certification, the tag is a symbol of the company’s commitment to sustainable raw materials, fair trade, and community engagement. It’s also an indication that “eco-friendly” doesn’t have to be “eco-boring,” Metsavaht adds.

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