Osmium are a home-grown men’s fashion brand with a focus on keeping production local. As well as maintaining high quality designs that are made to last, the Massachusetts-based studio believe wholeheartedly in American manufacturing and slow fashion. Their latest collection is classic, a range of stylish yet simple designs in muted tones that have all the promise of becoming a timeless line of clothing, including a series of Mariner pants, shirts and sweaters that are eternally wearable.

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The studio’s garments include wool cotton blend shirts in a bid to be durable but remain in fashion. “Osmium is part of a quality revolution,” says designer Mark Paigen. “A return to the values of our heritage – utility, durability and lasting style.” This attitude is in sharp contrast to many brands that focus on quantity as opposed to quality.

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Osmium takes its name from “the rarest and densest element” which they say inspires their clothing. This is the grounding philosophy – to design garments that are “uncommon, elemental and enduring.” “We focus on producing clothing with simple designs,” says Paigen. “Making them simple and interesting is a challenge.”

Keeping the focus on local production for Osmium is essential. The fabrics are sourced in New York and Japan, and then made in a nearby factory in Everett. “We believe in American manufacturing,” Paigen notes. “Everything we sell is domestically produced. The “on-shoring” movement is growing and we are proud to be a part of it”. For a full look at their range of styles take a look at the official website listed below.

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